Covered Bridge Estates located in Ellenton Florida is one of the most sought after communities to buy or rent.

Covered Bridge Estates Location & What’s Near

Covered Bridge is located in Manatee County off interstate I-75 exit 224 just south of the Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge. Covered Bridge is two minutes from the Ellenton Premium Outlet Mall. You have a great choice of exceptional restaurants like Peaches, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, Wing House, Anna Marie Oyster Bar, McDonalds, Beef O’Bradys, Subway, and many, many more. When it comes to all your other shopping needs Ellenton has Walmart, K-mart, Walgreens, Publix, Dollar General, Verizon store, the Furniture Warehouse, and many more shopping alternatives.

Covered Bridge was developed in 2000 and offers an exceptional quality of life for young couples, singles, retirees and working families, the eclectic mix creates a wonderful neighborhood for everyone

The Covered Bridge Estates Community and Club House

Covered Bridge offers so much for everyone, walking and bike paths throughout the community is perfect to enjoy the Florida lifestyle. The Club house offers a meeting rooms, exercise facility, billiard room, and a full size kitchen to accommodate the largest party. The Olympic size heated pool is the focal point of the community and gathering area for friends and families.  If you have children, Covered Bridge offer two playgrounds for ages 1 to 8 and 9 to 15. If you like more extensive exercise you can use the tennis courts or basketball court. Covered Bridge Estates has offers something for everyone.

How to Rent at Covered Bridge Estates

Covered Bridge has approximately 700 single family homes ranging from 1300 to 3900 square feet in size. You can choose from single or two story homes on large or small home sites. If you want to live in a community that is friendly and you get to know your neighbors, Covered Bridge Estates should be your destination. Poe & Associates Realty owned by Peter J. Poe is the main Real Estate Company that has been dedicated for the last 10 years to helping buyers, sellers and investors in Covered Bridge. As “Your Exclusive Realtor for Covered Bridge Estates” I would be glad to help you. Please contact me at 941-729-8523 or for information about Covered Bridge Estates. You can also go to . If you interested in renting a home in Covered Bridge you can go to my Property Management website


WASHINGTON – Nov. 3, 2014 – A trend is developing that favors resales over newly built homes.

The gap between the more-expensive median price of new residences and existing homes has surpassed $70,000 for most of the economic recovery – the widest spread since the National Association of Realtors and the Commerce Department began tracking the data in 1968.

“The reason we’re not seeing more new-home sales is definitely a function of price. Builders are making a conscious decision to sell fewer homes at higher prices than to sell more homes at lower prices,” says Zillow chief economist Stan Humphries.

Builders have placed considerable emphasis on erecting larger houses due to demand trends, as wealthier buyers have been the most active segment in recent years. At the same time, entry-level buyers largely have been kept out of the market due to factors such as student loan debt, tighter underwriting and sluggish wage growth.

Consequently, builders have constructed fewer homes and keeping profit margins high by making those houses big and pricey.

Largely because of this trend, the median price of new homes rose by 24 percent from 2009 to last year, outpacing the 14.7 percent gain in the median price of resale homes during that same time.

Sales of new homes climbed just 1.7 percent in the first nine months of this year from the same period a year ago. By comparison, sales soared 16.6 percent in 2013 from the year before.

Source: Wall Street Journal (10/24/14) Hudson, Kris

Condominiums have become very popular in the past few years and more people have recognized the benefits of living in a condo unit. If you are one of those living in condo units or planning to live in one, it is important to choose carefully the window treatments that you will use.

Although windows are often limited in condo units, it is essential for these windows to be covered because these condominium buildings are often in close proximity with each other, making it possible to look right into another building’s window if it is not covered. Whether you just rent a condo or you own one, it is best to have window treatments in your unit.

If you’re looking for the best window treatment for condo units, it is good to know that the best window treatments vary depending on the following considerations.

condo, condo windows, home improvement

Size of condo windows

While it is true that there are plenty of similarities between most condominiums in terms of designs, condo windows still vary in terms of size, especially since different windows are meant to address different areas in the unit – such as the living room, bedroom, or maybe even the toilet window. Because of this, you need to consider a window treatment that can be utilized for windows of different sizes.

Wooden blinds, for example, are probably suitable in the toilet or bedroom windows because they are usually meant for small to average-sized gaps. However, they might be too heavy or inappropriate for large living room windows.


General theme or ambiance

Some interior designs follow a certain theme or color motif – summer, floral, beach, fractals, or some other specific concept. If you are trying to determine the best treatment for your condo windows, then you might want to consider the general theme or color motif that the rest of your unit follows.

If you’re sporting Earth colors, then wooden blinds should go very well with your windows. On the other hand, if you are after a more minimalist look, then white drapes with geometrical patterns might just do the trick. Whatever the case is, your window treatment should be able to complement the rest of your living space.


Reason for the design

Choosing the best window treatment also involves determining the basic reason for the design itself. Why are you putting up the window treatment anyway? Is it for cover? For lighting? For the pattern? Knowing this particular reason should make it easier to determine which window treatment characteristic to prioritize.



The best window treatment is one that compliments or highlights your condo windows without causing a dent in your budget. In the first place, maintaining a condominium itself is already a daunting task, so depleting further resources for window treatments is more than just impractical. It’s basically reckless.


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Covered Bridge Estates Annual meeting was held on March 26th and unlike last years mild mannered meeting we had some real fireworks this year. The votes were counted and our current Board members Tony Char, Don Samuelson and Wanda Kilgore-Schneider were re-elected for another new 2 years. The Board re-organized and selected a new President-Gordon Henderson, Vice-President-Jack Ramirez, Treasure-Don Samuelson, Secretary-Wanda Schneider, Board Member-Tony Char. Improvements are on the horizon, the Board has discussed paving the area on the south side of Shenandoah Circle across from the clubhouse under the power lines. This area will be for the school bus turn around, additional parking and other uses. The front will be getting a face lift with new landscaping and plants. A community website will be developed so we have better communication with Board and Property Manager, upcoming events and general happening in our community.

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Earthquakes are hazards that you cannot avoid. They usually strike fast and without warning so there is very little you can do to prevent it from happening. However, the damage that your home can receive from them can be minimized. In fact, if you want to know how to protect your home from earthquakes, here are some ideas that might just help.

earthquake, home from earthquake

Conduct some research

Before you even start preparing, find out first if your house is actually sitting on a fault line or anywhere close to one. Some houses in the Philippines are situated in these precarious locations and buyers who are not well-informed usually never find out until the earthquake strikes.

If yours happen to be somewhere near or above major fault lines, then try to confirm from the house engineers or subdivision developers if there are any designs or measures incorporated in the house or surrounding areas to address seismic activities. If there are none, then you might want to consider some seismic retrofitting.

Seismic retrofitting

You can modify certain plans or structures in the house to make it more capable of withstanding seismic activities. But first, you need to consider certain aspects of the unit before such modifications can be done.

For example, if your property is a house and lot in Antipolo, you need to think about the surrounding terrain and not just the house itself. This is because higher elevation is relatively more susceptible to collapse and resonance compared to those in lower grounds.

When you’re done figuring out all the existing information about your location and your house, you can employ any of the following strategies to make your house more earthquake-proof.

Strengthening – You can increase your house’s global capacity by putting up additional walls or cross braces. By adding more support structures to your house, you decrease the chance of structural collapse.

Using dampers – You can also utilize weights, or certain structures called dampers that absorb a portion of the seismic energy and convert it to heat. This decreases the energy that your house would have taken and redirects the energy away from the support structures.


A little insurance can also give you some peace of mind. However, you need to remember that insuring your property will only help you in recovering some of what would be lost. It’s not going to prevent or lessen any of the damages that a full-blown, high-magnitude earthquake can bring.

Covered Bridge Estates more than likely will not have this problem since the New Owners Orientation and Renters Approval was passed by our HOA last month. I know most of the agents working with the Hedge funds and investment groups and they are putting quality people into their homes in CBE. As long as we keep a vigilant eye on what’s happening and our Community Manager does her job, we will be in good shape.
Peter J. Poe-Poe & Associates Realty, Llc


Homeowners dismayed as property investors bring in renters

PALM BEACH, Fla. – May 2, 2013 – The fragile sense of community in homeowner Bryan Melzard’s neighborhood – the impromptu chats on the sidewalk, shared gripes about overzealous condo commandos – is fading.More renters are moving into his Greenacres, Fla., development of about 100 homes, filling investor-owned properties bought at foreclosure fire-sale prices with cash on hand and dreams of big returns. The conversion has meant regular U-haul sightings on the 30th of each month and anonymous neighbors with fewer scruples about loud music.

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Many of you have asked me “how can investors buy homes in Covered Bridge Estates at auction and the bank still have a mortgage on the property and the investor(buyer) rent it out. Well here is your answer.  This is what is happening in Covered Bridge and our community will NOT be the better for it.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Feb. 18, 2013 – South Florida real estate investors are buying titles to homes on the cheap through community association foreclosures then renting them out until the bank catches up.

It’s the latest tactic aimed at capitalizing on South Florida’s quagmire of vacant and foreclosed homes.

And since banks – the primary lien holder on the homes – sometimes take years to foreclose, the strategy could offer the investor a hefty return. Homeowner association foreclosures are usually based on unpaid dues, with judgments far less than what is owed on the mortgage. A savvy investor can pick up a home for a few thousand dollars from an association foreclosure auction and make that money back in several months’ worth of rent.

If I caught your interested and you want to read more Click HERE…

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New Development next to Covered Bridge Estates..For those of you who stayed home for Halloween and did not make the Board meeting here is some of what happened.. The Board approved a Resolution 10-01-2012 dealing with a new development planned west of Covered Bridge Estates and East of  I-75 and North of Mendoza Rd. To read more about this please click HERE…

This new development is being done by Trees Direct LLC a company owned by Trey Desenberg the developer of Covered Bridge Estates. He has requested a  rezoning hearing on November 8th at 9am infront of the Manatee County Planning Commission located at 1112 Manatee Ave W. Bradenton.  for more information about the meeting and this project you can contact  Stephanie Moreland, the county Planner for the Community Planning Division 941-749-3070 ext 3880 or

It has been rumored that he wants to put in 500 multifamily units across from Tuscany Lakes Apartments. He will extend 60th a very short distance next to Oak Creek gated community as the one and only entrance and exit for 14 buildings and 5600 units. He would like Covered Bridge to allow a gate at either New Paris Way or Broad River Run  for emergency vehicles if his extension is congested or blocked.  To say this would impact our community would be an understatement. The Board seems to be ontop of this and I will keep you updated when I know more.

Peter J. Poe

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Covered Bridge Estates home values will start to increase once we eliminate Short Sales and Foreclosures. You will be receiving my Covered Bridges Estates Newsletter by the end of the month. It contains some good news that we have been waiting for, but I suggest we be optimistically cautious before we start to party. I recommend you read the “Trent Analysis of the Florida Real Estate Market and Florida Realtors Residential Price Index”. It also include a great analysis of “The Distressed Property Market and Shadow Inventory in Florida” To read more Click Here…

Bleach can be used to clean your driveway according to the Florida DEP. 

For those of you who were unable to attend the Board meeting yesterday afternoon; I wanted to clear up a misconception that one of our residents and Board members believe to be a fact of Law. I was told at the meeting that it is “against the Law to use Bleach on your driveway” to clean mold and mildew. I did not want to push the issue at the Board meeting, as there are more important issues to deal with in our Community. This morning I called the Florida DEP and spoke with Joni Scott with the Public Service and General Information Department. Joni advised me that “the DEP has no position on the use of Bleach to clean driveway as there is NO LAW.  Since I only spoke to one individual from the State of Florida DEP to verify this fact, I ask those who think it is against the Law to please provide me with the Florida Statue where this appears. In my humble opinion. I suggest that we all be more informed before passing on misinformation. If you don’t like to use bleach try “Spray & Forget” you can purchase it at Home Depot in the lumber department, 1 gallon cost about $40.00. here is there website

The Board meeting was very informative regarding a new home builder, Highland Homes. Highland has purchased 16 homesites on Halls Mill Xing and will start building in the near future. Jim Hegemier the chairman of the Architectural and Modification committee passed on some great information regarding the new home builder and the model they will be constructing.  The new homes will be starting  from the $150’s according to their website. This will be a nice addition to our community and hopefully the re-birth of new home construction here in CBE.

click on the link for more information about Highland Homes.

Here is the link for their site map of  the lots they will be building on

I encourage all residents to get more involved and go to the Board meetings. Without your support and ideas will be not grow as a community and  become stagnant.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestion.


Peter J. Poe

Poe & Associates Realty Llc
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